Who had the better career?

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    Who had the better career?

    Settle an argument between my two friends. They both were QBs of the same high school team, and I actually now wanna know which one is better. I’m gonna give a brief overview of both of them. Give me your honest answer. Im pretty biased towards 2012 because I played with him. 12’ had slightly better receivers, 14’ slightly better running backs. So we need some help, which one was better? I’m only providing their senior season stats for various reasons. Their highlight tapes are VERY similar. Both were captains of their teams their senior year.


    2012: 2.5 year starter. His sophomore year he was OK at best on a bad 3-7 team, his junior year he was just bad for some reason, on a 6-4 team (3 TDs, 7INTs, 600 yards, 46% completion)

    -played in run heavy pistol offense

    -RBs had 212 carries

    2014: 1 year starter. Was JV/Backup QB his soph/jun year

    -played in I formation run heavy offense

    -RBs had 345 carries

    Strengths of QBs:

    2012: Arm strength, Athleticism (duel threat)

    2014: Accuracy, Football IQ (pocket passer)

    Passing stats:

    2012: 79/151-52%-1167yards-8TDs/14INT (116 QBR/59 Passer rating) (0/2 2 pt conversions)

    Record: (5-5)

    2014: 88/141-62%-1059yards-6TDs/5INT (132 QBR/84 Passer rating)

    (1/1 2 pt, clutch two point conversion w 1:00 left in game)

    Record: (6-4) playoff birth

    Rushing stats:

    2012: 114/290yards/2TDs/2 lost Fumbles/

    (1 of the rushing TDs was a 1 yard QB sneak)

    2014: 23/-27/0td/0 Fumbles

    (Ran wildcat in certain QB run situations)