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Tonight: Bishop Timon, NY vs Odessa Permian, TX

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  • Tonight: Bishop Timon, NY vs Odessa Permian, TX

    In Odessa

    6A Permian (3-0)
    Bishop Timon (0-2)

    Bishop Timon beaten badly in their first 2 games by Ohio and Georgia teams.

    Dave Campbell has Permian #25 in 6A.

    Might get a little out of hand....

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    On TV?

    Mojo will put at least 50 on them in the first half.


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      Don't see a live stream or TV for this one.

      A little info though.
      The Bishop Timon-St. Jude football program released its schedule for the 2016 season, and it’s difficult to pick a game that stands out above another. In a move the Tigers hope will aid their quest to contend for the Monsignor Martin High School Athletic Association championship and also increase exposure to their top talents across the country, the Tigers fashioned…


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        Audio should stream here:


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          I have never heard of a Bishop Timon before this year, but they will at least get 1win in this season. Here is the monster squad they play next, have been out scored 150-0 and counting:


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            55-12 was the final.

            I don't think Bishop Timon's coach was very fair to his team scheduling 3 OOS games Don Bosco (etc) would struggle with. I don't get it really. All 3 on the road and Bishop Timon is playing all 3 again next year. Two year deal.


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              Think his end game is trying to draw talent to the program from the Buffalo area. I don't know much about the area, it's a long way away from where I am.


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                Maybe, but it's not doing much for the kids at Bishop Timon this year...those 3 OOS games anyways.


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                  weird. Build a football academy in FL? Makes sense
                  CA? makes sense
                  TX? Makes sense
                  LA/OH/NV/AZ? A little less, but I'm feelin ya

                  Buffalo? get out of here