West continues to impress for Albany



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West continues to impress for Albany

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  • West continues to impress for Albany

    In Albany's 41-28 win over Hamlin in the region finals, the Lions were led by junior quarterback Ben West. Ben had the best game of his career, completing 16 of 21 passes for 267 yards and 5 touchdowns, as well as a fumble recovery touchdown that sealed the deal for Albany.
    "He's a huge part of our team obviously, being our quarterback he's a huge asset. He's the leader of our offense," Cameron Dacus said.
    "He came in, moved here from Stamford obviously so we all kind of knew him but we didn't know what he was made of and then he came and proved himself here. I'm really happy to be catching his passes."
    The road to get to this point has been a winding one for West. He transferred to Albany from Stamford before the season, and was thrown into the Lions program immediately. Ben didn't let their 0-5 start spoil their season though. The quarterback helped Albany win their next nine games. 
    "For him to come in, virtually brand new, and to learn the things we've tried to teach him and him to embrace the things that we do, without ever even questioning what we try to do around here, I think it's an attribute to him and the way he approaches it," Denney Faith said. 
    "It's kind of like starting a freshman. He's new here, he's new to the program, he doesn't know what Albany is about," Ryan Hill said.
    "Giving him the reins of the offense has been spectacular to see him grow as a quarterback and as a friend. We knew he was going to be a good athlete, but he's become a great quarterback for our program."
    Ben watched his brothers win state when he was a Stamford ball boy. Now, he's one win away from returning to state, this time, as the quarterback of the Albany Lions.