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Convo with Underclassman of the Year Behren Morton

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  • Convo with Underclassman of the Year Behren Morton

    Dusty Baker said, "I am here at Eastland High where we are awarding our Underclassman Player of the Year Award, and therefore, we turn to the Quarterback of Eastland High, that is Behren Morton. Behren, congratulations, you are our winner this year, it's a big day for you. To be able to see what you were able to do this season, you led your team to a 9-4 year, you went to the third round of the playoffs, just for you to have this success as a sophomore, what is that like for you?"
    Behren Morton said, "Thank you, I appreciate it, it's been a good ride this year and to have your dad as a coach too it helps. The seniors this year and the O-line, the receiving corps, running backs, they've picked me up when I'm down. I just learned to go 1-0 and get back to the basics and that's what I did."
    Baker said, "When you look at this year, you had to go through some adversity as well. I know there was an injury that you had, can you just tell me about that injury and what you had to do to persist through that to get your team to the playoffs and make a deep playoff run as well, what did it take to get to that point despite that injury?"
    Behren Morton said, "It was pretty devastating at first but it's not me, it's about the team and so I got all thumbs up from the team. From the injury and bouncing back, on the sideline you've got to be hyped because you can't have your head down, they look at you when you're down but you've got to be up the whole game just getting them hyped."
    Baker said, "Thank you Behren, I'm going to go to your father now and also your Head Coach. Coach, Dad, whatever you want to be called in this situation, you've got to be a pretty proud father at this time just to see what your son was able to do and to perform at a high level as your quarterback and as a sophomore as well, what is most memorable about this season when you watched Behren and what will you take from this year going forward?"
    Head Coach James Morton said, "It was a great year, I think it was a great year for our program and kind of took a step in a positive direction for us, being able to get to that third round game was big for us this year, we obviously want to do more, but it's neat for Behren to be apart of that. I think the thing I will remember most, and he had some games, great memories, the Breckenridge game kind of sticks out having that opportunity to kick that field goal at the end of the game, but what I'm going to remember most is the Denver City game. Just to look in his eye at the confidence and the confidence he had in his teammates and then his teammates making the plays to get us down the field and to score that late in the game and to get over that hurdle of that second round mystique was very big for us."
    Baker said, "Coach, congrulations to you as well and of course, the winner of this year for the Underclassman Player of the Year, Behren Morton congrats, well deserving as well.