Jensen off to a running start as new Head Coach at Trinity



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Jensen off to a running start as new Head Coach at Trinity

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  • Jensen off to a running start as new Head Coach at Trinity


    Chris Jensen just finished his first spring training session as the new head football coach at Trinity.

    The Trojans finished last Tuesday and will return to the weight room until school ends May 29. From there, they'll start their summer program with strength and conditioning.

    In just a small period of time, Jensen and the program accomplished a lot.

    “We were able to get some of the new terminology across the kids,” he said

    Jensen, who was offensive coordinator during Steve Lineweaver's tenure, also had to fill up his old spot and brought over Geryl Brixey, who was offensive coordinator at Lewisville.

    “He has the same background as I do – initially we were interested in him because of the familiarity with the offense,” Jensen said. “He's a great guy, a really good hire. He has a great personality and is good with the kids – and someone I can trust.”

    Jensen also spent time with Lineweaver in Commerce and has used his guidance during these last few months as the new head coach, but won't change up his coaching style just because he has a new title.

    “No real change,” he said. “I spent 22 years with Coach Lineweaver and we coach about the same way – pretty calm. I learned coaching from him, not to compare myself with him by any means.”

    But he's understanding that he’ll have to be involved in every aspect in order to lead a football program.

    “Offensive coordinator was very structured, I knew what I had to do, [I was] single-minded,” Jensen said. “The head coach has to multi-task, must be concerned with all kids, on and off the field.”

    “Must know about the kids in the classroom. A lot more juggling.”

    Lineweaver still works within the district, staying involved with the junior high school, and still speaks with Jensen from time to time.

    “He's always on the other end of the line and is very open to talk to me,” Jensen said. “It's always nice to have an asset to bounce some things off sometimes. I can tell he wants us to do well.”

    As the calendar turns to summer, Jensen is hopeful that a few of his players will continue over from their impressive springs, including a slew of soon-to-be seniors.

    Quarterback Tyler Natee has come along even though he has only played one year under center.

    “A lot of improvement from him, just the knowledge of the game,” Jensen said.

    Running backs Ja’Ron Wilson and De’Jaun Garrett also had outstanding springs, and defensive end Josh Kneubuhl and inside linebacker Devin Abdullah are expected to be a few leaders on that side of the ball.

    “Defensively, we found a great player in Josh, really impressed how he picked himself up,” Jensen said.

    The Trojans will have five returning starters from last season's state quarterfinal team. They lost to eventual champion Allen 30-27. Jensen just wants his team to play its best and not worry about the accolades.

    “We never set win goals or title goals, never talked about winning state or championships – we just want to give our best effort, let the chips fall where they may,” he said.

    “Along those same lines, if you do that, you should be pretty good.”

    Trinity will hold summer workouts in the morning Monday through Thursday and the biggest goal is for the team to gel.

    “We want to improve strength, speed, timing, accuracy, our physical goals, but the main things we talked about is developing team unity,” Jensen said. “If we can get that done, and we will, we'll unify as a team.”
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    Originally posted by 1AllenFan
    Reading that one, I really like that transition and the way you guys did it: basically I don't like the Allen 'daddy brings in his son' OC move. Longevity and loyalty were rewarded. I like that.
    In the end, promoting Jensen was the best call. Jensen also had the cajones to know the offense (the offense he OC'd) has been off lately. That takes wisdom and humbleness. I don't think there could have been a better hire for Trinity than Brixey. Brixey has some serious skins on the wall and is well thought of for his O-line coaching and OC skills. The first year may be a little rough around the edges, but they should improve drastically by year two (2016).
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