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Could the UIL split 5A into a Division I & Division II?

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  • Could the UIL split 5A into a Division I & Division II?

    The UIL recently sent out a survey to all 5A Superintendents to get their feedback on splitting Class 5A into a Division I & II for football, like they do for the lower classifications. The results were interesting.

    Spring 2015 Superintendent results on 5A split-classification for football

    Conf. & Reg. Yes (%) No (%) No Response
    5A Region I 19 (45.2%) 21 (50.0%) 2 (4.8%)
    5A Region II 25 (55.6%) 20 (44.4%) 0
    5A Region III 23 (52.3%) 21 (47.7%) 0
    5A Region IV 38 (86.4%) 6 (13.6%) 0
    TOTAL 105 (60.0%) 68 (38.9%) 2 (1.1%)

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    What the hell region 4. Bunch of nannies down there.


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      The Sups are one of the reasons we have every tom, d.ick and harry team in the playoffs. They're wanting to give their schools every opportunity to make the playoffs regardless of how bad their teams suck so yeah, any opportunity they have to advanced their sucky teams, they will vote yes.


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        We definitely need to go back to two playoff teams per district across the board.
        Super B