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2016 Colorado City Wolves.

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  • 2016 Colorado City Wolves.

    Colorado City Looking To Grow in 2016.

    "In Colorado City, the Wolves are looking for a smoother ride in 2016 than in 2015. Last year, head coach Dan Gainey's bunch went to the playoffs, but they won just five of their twelve games.

    Quarterback Tommy James is back to lead the offense after having a hand in 23 touchdowns last season. Most of the other skill guys are gone, so other players are going to have to step up.

    Coach Dan Gainey said, "We graduated pretty much every receiver that caught a pass for us last year so we're trying to develop and find some receivers, and we're excited about our young running backs and of course Tommy's back at quarterback, so I think there's been a huge focus on our running game at this point."

    Justin Trawick said, "we got a lot more strength, we got a bunch of kids coming back, a bunch of younger kids stepping it up for the varsity so everyone's eager to play and we're ready to get after it."

    Tommy James said, "we've been waiting on this all summer, thinking about it, can't stop thinking about it and now it's finally here so it's pretty good."

    They get their first game action tonight... Weather permiting the Wolves are going to scrimmage at Anson."

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