Cocoa 24, Booker T Washington 21

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    Cocoa 24, Booker T Washington 21

    Was a stellar game. Both teams should be recognized for having awesome defenses. Lots of flags for both sides but both teams showed good sportsmanship. The lead was back and forth. Both Offenses were keeping the Defenses off balance the whole game. Cocoa fell on a muffed punt in the endzone to score the first points. BTW then scored twice to take back the lead on long pass plays. In the 3rd Quarter Judson ran it in from the 1 and a good xtra point tied it up 14-14. Cocoa then blocked a punt to set up a 27 yard FG to take back the lead making it 17 - 14. BTW then took it 80 yards with the help of 2 big pass interference calls against Cocoa to make it a 21 - 17 game going into the 4th quarter. Cocoa needed to put together a 78 yard drive to take the lead back with just under 5 minutes left to play. Judson threw for 19 and 28 yards and Hawkins had a hard fought run for a 1st down to set up the last Cocoa TD. With just under 1:30 seconds left in the game. Cocoa kicked it deep for a touch back and sacked Richardson to stop any chance of a comeback.

    Cocoa had an early Punt Return called back because of an iffy roughing the kicker penalty. Looked like the Cocoa defensive player was blocked from behind when he was pulling back causing him to glance off the kicker. Could have been a no call but the kicker rolled around enough to pull the flag. Several calls could have been iffy for both sides but that was the only TD called back. The Ref's never seemed partial to either team. BTW fans may see it another other way when a flurry of flags pushed the Tornadoes back in the 4th and out of FG range for a 4th and 45 yards around the 50. However, they have to be honest and admit it was a fair game.

    In the end BTW looked tired the last 5 minutes of the game. I think the long bus ride finally got them. Had they played in Miami I have a feeling the score may have been 4 points in BTW's favor. Richardson is a special QB. When he isn't under a lot of pressure he is deadly accurate. Will enjoy watching him develop in the coming years.

    Surprise of the night was the 8th grader, #66 Dada White, for Cocoa. He was in Booker T's backfield all night and coming up with several sacks. He also had a blocked punt and was disrupting plays the entire game. He will be a force to reckon with in the next 4 years.

    Cocoa 0 7 10 7 - 24
    BTW 0 14 7 0 - 21

    The year the Cubs break the curse, so does Cocoa. It was one hell of a game.