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Convo with 2018 Player of the Year Peyton Bevel

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  • Convo with 2018 Player of the Year Peyton Bevel

    Here's a look at this year's 2018 Player of the Year finalists. Baylor signee Jonah White from Merkel, Incarnate Word signee Kevin Yeager, and Stamford's record setting quarterback Peyton Bevel were all considered.
    Only one can win the award, and Peyton Bevel is the BCH Sports Player of the Year.
    Here's Mary Margaret with Bevel and Coach Ronnie Casey.
    Mary Margaret Johnson said, "I am out here in Stamford with our BCH Sports Player of the Year, Peyton Bevel, and Stamford head coach Ronnie Casey. Peyton, first I want to talk to you, obviously you had an outstanding year with over 5,000 total yards, a ton of touchdowns, to be able to lead your team to the second round of the playoffs and to have had so much success this year, what does it feel like for you?"
    Peyton Bevel said, "It's pretty good, we wanted to go farther but with all the accomplishments that we had, it was nothing to really complain about other than to go farther. But it was a great senior year and I couldn't have wanted it to go any better."
    MMJ said, "Coach, what was it like having a player like Peyton on your team this year?"
    Coach Ronnie Casey said, "It's amazing truthfully, to have had a player that can do what he does and get you out of a place like we said earlier in the season, but he's a coach on the field. For him to be able to adjust what the offensive coordinator wanted him to do and what we wanted him to do with that, and to have the tremendous receivers that we had this year to help us in that situation, it just made things a lot easier for us as a coaching staff."
    MMJ said, "Peyton, how were you able to have as much success? Obviously it looked to us like you were just stepping back and tossing it up and that everybody around you was rallying around you to go up there and get those balls."
    Bevel said, "I want to give a big shoutout to my offensive linemen, they did a great job all year, they gave me plenty of time. I don't even know, I probably was in single digits for the number of times I was sacked this year, so that's really unbelievable. Like I've said all year long, my receivers make me look good, they made outstanding catches all year. Every day at practice they would work on who would make the best catches for me. But it's just a real shout out to the receivers and my offensive line, those dudes are outstanding. I couldn't have done anything without those guys."
    MMJ said, "Not only were you named the BCH Sports Player of the Year, you were also named the AP 2A offensive player of the year, and I don't know if you know this, but you now hold the record for single season passing record for all of Class 2A in every single year. To have all of those accomplishments and to probably be getting more as time goes on, what is that like for you?"
    Bevel said, "It's just unbelievable to me, I didn't know anything about any of that. I'm just real thankful that this season played out the way it did, glory to God is really all that I can say. I'm just proud to be a Stamford Bulldog and to achieve the stuff that we did this season as a team."
    MMJ said, "Alright, that's all that we have from Stamford. For sports, Peyton Bevel, Coach Casey, and Mary Margaret Johnson."